Passeo ao Museu de história e aprenda a fazer o leque Coreano “Seonbi”

Itaewon – Global Village Center esta oferecendo passeio ao museu de história “Seoul Museum of History” dia 19 de Maio como também  aulas em  “Seonbi” Leques Coreano.  Veja os detalhes abaixo:

Seonbi Fan Making Class

On May 19th from 10am-12pm  the Itaewon-Hannam Global Village Center will be going to the Seoul Museum of History, where there will be a special free museum tour and art class for foreigners. An expert guide will introduce participants to Seoul’s past and explain some of the artifacts in the museum.

There will also be an art class in which participants will make a small traditional folding fan.

v Dates & Times: Wednesday May 19th from 10am-12pm

v Place: Seoul Museum of History

v Participants: Foreign residents

v Participation Fee: free of charge

Please call or email us to register:

Tel: 02) 796-2459~60    Email: