Aliança Cultural Coreia Brasil, ACCB  or Korea Brazil Cultural Alliance is a nonprofit organization focused on raising awareness of Brazil’s unique multi-ethnic culture in Korea.

To celebrate Brazil’s 191st Independence Day, ACCB is organizing “BRAZIL DAY 2013”on Saturday, September 7th, at the Hankuk University of Foreign Studies (HUFS) campus, soccer field, from 13:00 to 20:00.  The Brazilian Ambassador, Edmundo Fujita, will open the event. There will be various displays relating to :

  • Amazon Rainforest
  • Brazilian Architecture
  • Brazilian Literature (also for sale)
  • Carnival Costumes
  • World Cup and Olympics
  • Brazilian Works of Art in print form
  • Tourism within Brazil and within Korea

There will also be the following live presentations:

  • Dance : Samba, Forro, Quadrilha
  • Drum Battle Brazilian Drums vs. Korean Drums
  • Friendly Futsal Match – Brazilian vs. Korean Students
  • Music : Banda, Batucada, and Bossa Nova
  • Traditional Martial Arts : Capoeira
  • Brazilian Film
  • Raffle and Lucky Draw Prizes

Brazilian Food and Drinks will be on sale during the event.

The purpose of “Brazil Day 2013” is to challenge and inspire all attendees, and to show  a side of Brazil that you may have never encountered before. The Brazilian Embassy fully supports the efforts of this event. Come and enjoy the day with us!

Schedule and timeline:

13:00  Opening Ceremony

·       National Anthems

·       Ambassador’s Speech – HUFS president speech

13:45 – Official opening

14:00 – Music

14:30 – Film

15:00 – Capoeira and Taekwondo presentation

15:00 – Music – Instrument presentation

15:30 – Dance presentation

16:00 – Drum Battle Brazilian vs. Korean Drums

16:45 – Friendly Soccer game between Brazilian vs. Korean students

18:30 – Lucky draw

19:00 – Music

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